Biden Administration Continues To See High Turnover

With the most recent departing employee leaving the Department of Homeland Security, the “great resignation” in President Joe Biden’s White House is still going on. Just one year, seven key figures have left the administration. The Biden administration now includes John Tein, who assisted in overseeing the nation’s border security, in its high turnover rate.

Before deciding to resign, Tein held the position of deputy secretary of Homeland Security for just one year. Although Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) thinks instability at the southern border was more likely to blame, his stated justification, according to The Epoch Times, was that he wanted more time to spend with his family. He cited a FAIR analysis from June 22 that said the cost of illegal immigration to US taxpayers had risen to around $163 billion. He stated that there are already more than 16.8 million illegal immigrants residing in the country.

Beyond border security, staffers and officials alike have been fleeing the White House for some time now, and according to The Associated Press, the excessive turnover started approximately 18 months into Biden’s administration. Numerous decisions have reportedly been influenced by lengthy hours, low morale, and uncompetitive remuneration. Although the president’s continually declining approval ratings can’t be helping the issue, aides have claimed that Biden had nothing to do with the resignations. Early in his time, Biden’s popularity with Americans as a whole started to decline, and ever since, he has fought against the tide.

White House turnover may be consistent, but some officials claim it is normal. All presidencies experience these kinds of waves, White House spokesman Emilie Simons told The Associated Press. She added that many of the administrative roles are stepping stones to better careers, and that they frequently require employees to choose their careers above their families. The reasons, though, are still a mystery in some situations, like the recent resignation of Susan Rice, a domestic policy advisor.




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