Baseball Star Gets Ejected After Wild Meltdown In Crazy Video

Kyle Schwarber of the Philadelphia Phillies loses his cool during a game against the Milwaukee Brewers on Sunday.

Schwarber blew his lid following a disputed strike call by umpire Angel Hernandez during the Phillies’ 1-0 defeat, and his meltdown was quite spectacular.

The Philadelphia Phillies went into a full breakdown when umpire Angel Hernandez ruled them out on strikes on national television on Sunday night.

Hernandez, who is widely regarded as one of baseball’s worst umpires, made a series of errors throughout the night, and Schwarber finally snapped in the ninth inning. He went on an emotional diatribe after the strikeout, attempting to demonstrate how awful Hernandez’s strike zone was.

Schwarber was hit by a 3-2 sinker from Brewers reliever Josh Hader that he mistook for a fly ball. Hernandez, though, ruled it a strike for the second out of the ninth inning in a 1-0 victory.

Schwarber flung his bat and smashed his helmet in frustration after the call, then got into an altercation with Hernandez. He then walked back to the dugout, gesturing at Hernandez, who did not return his motion, to indicate that he had missed calls outside, inside, and high and low throughout the game. He returned to tell Hernandez how horrible he was, with Phillies manager Joe Girardi arguing for the inconsistent strike zone as well. The game included 26 strikeouts.

If you’re going to be tossed, you may as well throw yourself with style. Make sure nothing gets left on the field! Lose your mind, have a nervous breakdown, freak out on the ump, and put on a show for the crowd!

There’s little question Schwarber did precisely that, and the video of him being ejected has over two million views.




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