B-17 Bomber and Smaller Plane Collide at Dallas Airshow

According to police, six individuals died as a result of an accident that happened at a World War II air show in Dallas.

During the Saturday event Wings Over Dallas, two antique airplanes collided in the air and crashed, according to the organizers. At the Dallas Executive Airport, WWII fighter plane flying displays were part of the event.

The investigation and identification of the deceased will be worked on by the authorities,  Judge Clay Jenkins of Dallas County urged Sunday’s attendees to pray for the victims’ families and all those involved.

Around 1:20 pm, a Bell P-63 Kingcobra and a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress collided and crashed. as reported by the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to Michael Graham, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board, five of the dead were on the B-17 and one victim was on the P-63 when they collided.

Radar is being used by investigators to locate the collision’s site. Along with conducting interviews with additional pilots, they are investigating the maintenance records of the aircraft as well as the training records of the pilots involved.

Officials stated that there were no black boxes on the aircraft, noting that they were not required.

The Commemorative Air Force, an organization dedicated to educating people about American military aircraft, is in charge of planning the air show, which is scheduled to take place on Veterans Day.

Commemorative Air Force spokesperson Leah Block stated that she thinks there were five crew members on the B-17 and one aboard the single-seat P-63. At the time, no paying passengers were being transported by the Houston-based aircraft.

According to Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, neither spectators nor anyone on the ground sustained any injuries.




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