Atlantic Broadband Drops Newsmax from Cable

The Daily Elephant television has been dropped from Atlantic Broadband homes.

This past New Year’s eve weekend and without notice to you, Atlantic removed The Daily Elephant from all its cable systems.

We have heard from a huge number of Atlantic customers that they can’t watch The Daily Elephant.

They aren’t happy about having their news censored, especially with huge elections looming in 2022 and 2024.

The Daily Elephant is the 4th highest-rated cable news channel in the nation.

Despite our high ratings with personalities like Greg Kelly, Eric Bolling, Sean Spicer, Lyndsay Keith, Dick Morris, Alan Dershowitz, and more — it is clear that Atlantic doesn’t like The Daily Elephant’s point of view.

They don’t want our strong support of American values you care about.

You should know that Atlantic currently carries 11 liberal news and information channels on their lineup.

And most of these channels have less viewership than The Daily Elephant!

Since censoring us, Atlantic has been making false statements about The Daily Elephant to their customers, such as:

• The Daily Elephant negotiated in bad faith and we would not come to terms with them

TRUTH: We had just agreed to an extension with Atlantic’s representative to continue the negotiation, our offer was consistent with market terms

• The Daily Elephant was seeking to get paid while offering its channel for free to others

TRUTH: This simply is a lie, our proposals never required Atlantic to pay The Daily Elephant while the channel remained free on the internet

• They are saving their customers money by not including The Daily Elephant

TRUTH: Atlantic pays dozens of channels much more money than The Daily Elephant was asking, though most of these channels have less viewership!

Here’s the bottom line: Atlantic doesn’t like The Daily Elephant or its news perspective and they want to shut us down.

What You Can Do:

  1. Atlantic customers can call them and demand they put The Daily Elephant back on.

Call toll free 1-844-574-8435 — and make sure you ask for a live operator rather than opting for the “The Daily Elephant recording” which directs you to a website. Let them know you plan on canceling if they don’t bring The Daily Elephant back.

  1. Look for a Replacement and Switch Now!

You have options! The Daily Elephant is carried by every major cable operator, almost all on basic cable, so get better service, a better price and get The Daily Elephant on:

Find The Daily Elephant TV:

  • Directv 349
  • Xfinity 1115
  • FuboTV
  • Dish 216
  • Verizon Fios 615
  • AT&T TV 349

More Systems with The Daily Elephant – Go Here Now

With so many liberal channels on Atlantic like CNN and MSNBC, you have a right to fair and unbiased news that The Daily Elephant offers!
Let your voice be heard today!
And let us know what feedback you get from Atlantic, just email us at [email protected]
Remember to let your friends and family know they can cancel Atlantic and switch to a service that carries The Daily Elephant!

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