AOC and the Left Flip Out Over Christian Group’s Ads at Super Bowl

The Super Bowl on Sunday included a range of commercials, including the one that shows Greg Gutfeld in it.

However, there was another form of advertising throughout the game: advertisements for the Christian initiative “He Gets Us,” which is supported in part by Hobby Lobby and other Christian organizations and contributors. The goal is to try to make Jesus more appealing to people who might feel cut off from Christianity.

Two commercials that appeared during the game cost $20 million, according to reports. The advertisements point viewers to a website where they may get Bible readings, instructions for having a religious conversation with a real person, and details about Jesus.

But it seemed like no one on the left was pleased with the advertisements, not even Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). She was upset with Elon Musk for sitting next to Rupert Murdoch, but these advertisements really infuriated her.

Other leftists used the same strategy, criticizing the campaign for spending money and alleging that it was linked to “hatred” because of some of the contributors.

The He Gets Us organization can use its funds anyway they see appropriate, just like any other company making a Super Bowl pitch. That decision is not up to the left.

However, it’s a common argument we hear from left-leaning individuals who appear more interested in stifling opposing viewpoints. It’s interesting to see that they are just chanting about Jesus and not about the other businesses that made pitches.




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