Angry Dem Senator Threatens Elon Musk – Gloves Came Off!

Now that he is the owner of Twitter, Elon has been on fire, provoking the egotistical with his new blue check policy, making blatant fun of his foes, and coming up with ever-funnier methods to snipe at his rivals. The decision to ban Kathy Griffin was also very hilarious, as were her subsequent tantrum and Whoopi Goldberg’s decision to leave the stage in opposition.

Elon has increased the level of humor in his Twitter shenanigans by brutally mocking Democrat Sen. Ed Markey to the point where Sen. Markey threatened Elon.

Markey started it up by writing Elon a letter about impersonation and the blue check system.

“Apparently, due to Twitter’s lax verification practices and apparent need for cash, anyone could pay $8.00 and impersonate someone on your platform. Selling the truth is dangerous and unacceptable. Twitter must explain how this happened and how it will prevent it from happening again.”

Additionally, it stated how safeguards like Twitter’s blue checkmark allowed users to once be informed, critical consumers of news and information in the social network’s global town square. But Elon’s acquisition of Twitter, the hurried and haphazard implementation of platform modifications, the elimination of anti-disinformation measures, and the mass sacking of Twitter staffers have expedited Twitter’s slide into the Wild West of social media.

He continued, “It’s unacceptable.” Twitter and its leadership owe it to the public to prevent the site from developing a reputation for lying and manipulation.

He also wanted the following questions be answered by Twitter management:

  • What was Twitter’s process for issuing paid-for blue checkmark verification of a Twitter account?
  • What was Twitter’s process for issuing verification of an account that is “notable in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category” on your platform? Please describe the internal steps at Twitter that were supposed to be followed for these processes.
  • How did the paid-for blue check verification process differ from the free verification process that preceded it?
  • How did Twitter’s system allow a Washington Post reporter to obtain verification of a fake account?
  • Is Twitter planning to reintroduce a verification system?

Elon, however, made the decision to disregard the Massachusetts Senator’s letter and concerns.

Rather, he made fun of Markey’s profile image and said that the senator was simple to imitate because his real account appears to be a parody.




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