Angelina Jolie Announces Her Exit from Hollywood

Angelina Jolie, a well-known actress, seems to be trying to distance herself from the entertainment industry. By avoiding many of the things that have made Los Angeles so poisonous and concentrating on outside projects and humanitarian work, she has made significant attempts to reduce her public profile. According to Jolie’s recent statements to the press, she is eager to leave the industry completely.

It has taken Jolie a long time to heal after her divorce from Brad Pitt seven years ago, she told Elisa Lipsky-Karasz of The Wall Street Journal. She brought up her case of Bell’s palsy, which she had six months before she and Pitt officially broke up, to illustrate how stress affects her body.

The Hollywood actress said that she would not want to be a rising star in today’s industry, and that fans were less interested in their private life when she was just starting out. Additionally, she disregards any coverage of her in the media, claiming that she has been around long enough to see it all.

Even though she was born into fame, Jolie suffered from severe sadness, which she exacerbated after learning that her mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand, had terminal cancer. She revealed that when she needed a break from it all, she would go on a hiking trip into the countryside. Refugee camps in Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, and Cambodia were among the places she visited during her globetrotting adventures. After that, she became an official with the UN. Refugees who have made it through horrific wars make up the majority of the actress’s closest friends, she said.

The Cambodian home that Jolie owns gives her the desire to spend more time there. Although her options are currently limited due to her divorce, she plans to leave Los Angeles in the future. After spending so many years in what she calls a “shallow place,” she decided she wanted more out of life and started looking for it.

Jolie is among several famous people who have made up their minds to leave the Southern California hotspot, according to Breitbart. There have been rumors that Mark Wahlberg, Scott Baio, and Dean Cain have all departed from Los Angeles in pursuit of greener pastures.




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