Andrew Cuomo Prepares Defense Against Accusers

Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York who was disgraced by allegations of sexual harassment from multiple women, is attempting to take action before being accused by one of his accusers. As part of his defense against the sixth accuser, he has issued subpoenas to five women.

Andrew Cuomo held the position of Governor of New York from 2011 until 2021. During his time in office, he faced allegations of harassment or assault from 11 women. After state legislators began the process to impeach him and even President Biden called on him to step down, he resigned on August 23, 2021. Currently, he is facing a federal lawsuit brought by a New York state trooper who claims that he touched her inappropriately while she was working on his security detail. 

However, Cuomo is resisting the allegations and has taken action against them. Since late March, his legal team has issued subpoenas to Lindsey Boylan, Virginia Limmiatis, Brittany Commisso, Ana Liss, and Alyssa McGrath, who have all accused him of harassment.

A former bodyguard of Andrew Cuomo, who is referred to as Trooper 1, claims that the governor’s behavior towards her was part of a larger pattern of harassment. Cuomo has a history of using subpoenas to undermine cases against him. He has already issued subpoenas to New York Attorney General Letitia James and the state assembly, both of whom have declined to cooperate, and the decision on those is still pending. Additionally, Cuomo has reportedly threatened to issue subpoenas to other state troopers who were part of his protective detail.

An attorney for one of Cuomo’s accusers, Julie Gerchik, who represents Lindsey Boylan, expressed dissatisfaction with Cuomo’s latest action. Gerchik stated that her client has already participated in two investigations involving Cuomo and criticized the former governor for involving her client in a third, indicating that this shows that he has no hesitation about continuing his harassment. In response, Cuomo’s legal team argued that subpoenas are a normal part of the legal process. Despite the possibility that Cuomo is attempting to pressure his accusers, it appears that he is determined to continue to fight to restore his reputation.




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