Air Travelers Safety Jeopardized By Biden’s Controversial Move

This holiday season, the Biden administration is jeopardizing the safety of hundreds of planes.

The majority of airplanes will fly without any protection throughout the busy Christmas season as the government has concentrated its air marshal resources on border security in light of the deteriorating law and order situation at the southern border.

Due to the absence of air marshals on board, House Republicans are concerned about the security of both domestic and foreign flights this holiday season.

In a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, seven Republican legislators inquired about the Transportation Security Administration’s choice to deploy air marshals at the southern border.

Republican lawmakers claim that by preventing air marshals from performing their jobs, the Biden administration is endangering the safety of national air carriers.

Further asserting that the nation is approaching a busy period during which many people would be traveling to their loved ones for the holidays, GOP leaders led by Congressman Mike Carey made this claim.

The GOP lawmakers said, “All air marshals should perform their responsibilities to protect Americans traveling in the coming days.” Representatives Jody Hice, Scott DesJarlais, Randy Weber, Troy Balderson, Louie Gohmert, and Ben Cline were also signatories to the letter.

The Federal Air Marshal Service has around 3,000 air marshals on staff. The precise number of air marshals is a secret for security reasons.

Depending on the level of risk an aircraft carries, air marshals join about 8% of commercial flights. Only 1% of the aircraft are intended to be secured by air marshals when they are deployed for border security.




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