Air Force Police Fire on Attempted Base Breacher

In response to a driver who breached a barrier at Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) in Texas, USAF police opened fire. The incident highlights increased vigilance in the face of rising tensions related to the Middle East conflict, with a clear stance against potentially dangerous actions. JBSA, a significant military installation, accommodates 80,000 individuals, housing various military facilities and serving a crucial role in national defense with stringent security measures in place.

On October 21, security personnel stationed at the entrance to Camp Bullis, the US Army facility responsible for housing JBSA’s primary ground combat training zones, observed a car rapidly approaching the gate, traveling on the opposite side of the road. The vehicle disregarded instructions to halt at the access control point, necessitating the USAF Security Forces (previously known as Air Police) posted at the gate to use defensive gunfire.

Even though several rounds were discharged at the fast-moving vehicle, the driver skillfully evaded getting hit and managed to breach the gate, thus entering the base. During his brief presence inside, he spent a few minutes on the premises but did not succeed in reaching any of the training zones. Afterward, he turned back and successfully departed through the same gate.

The driver was apprehended by San Antonio police officers on Saturday, about nine miles away from the base, following a separate incident. A USAF statement confirmed that no Air Force personnel were harmed, and no property was damaged. Nonetheless, there are expected inquiries from military authorities regarding how the intruder managed to bypass armed guards at the same gate on two occasions without interception.




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