Adults Only, Please – Airline Rolls Out New Seating

Corendon Airlines, a Turkish-Dutch airline, is set to unveil a fresh category for its global routes connecting Amsterdam and Curacao. Commencing on November 3rd, 2023, a dedicated portion of the aircraft will be exclusively designated for adult passengers. This designated seating zone is tailored to serve as a peaceful workspace for business individuals or any travelers seeking to avoid disruptions and noise caused by children. The airline’s official statement expressed anticipation that this choice would be well-received by their passengers.

These particular seats will come with a slight uptick in ticket prices, and Corendon Airlines will grant access to individuals aged 16 and above. It’s worth noting that this arrangement aims to alleviate concerns for parents who may worry about sitting next to someone who doesn’t find their chatty toddler endearing. To ensure a tranquil and enjoyable flight experience, the adult zone will be separated from the rest of the aircraft using partitions and curtains. 

While adult-only areas are not a novel concept, as destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean abound with adult-only resorts and cruises, it’s apparent that parents with children occasionally seek child-free getaways, and travelers without kids may prefer not to share their vacation with someone else’s youngsters. 

Consequently, the introduction of an adult-only section on flights appears to be a natural evolution of the adult-only vacation concept.

Virgin Voyages, a cruise line established by Richard Branson, exclusively caters to adult passengers. To embark on a Virgin Voyages cruise, individuals must be at least 18 years of age. Notably, the areas typically designated for children’s pools and facilities are transformed into adult-oriented amenities.

While the responsibility to avoid children entirely during their vacation falls upon the individual traveler, this new seating class introduced by Corendon Airlines offers a tangible solution. 

However, it remains uncertain whether domestic carriers in the United States will adopt this novel option and whether it will prove as financially successful as anticipated. Travelers’ perspectives on children vary, with some finding them endearing yet distracting, while others view them as potential disruptions that can extend the perceived duration of a 3-hour flight.




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