Acting Legend Dead at 68

On November 28, the esteemed British actor Dean Sullivan succumbed at the age of 68. He achieved broad acclaim for his portrayal of Jimmy Corkhill in the renowned English soap opera, Brookside.

As a prominent figure in England’s acting scene, the actor stood out as the most familiar face on the Channel 4 program. He remained with the show from 1986 until its conclusion in 2003.

The family of Sullivan, in conjunction with the talent agency Hamilton Management, issued a collective statement in which they disclosed his passing and mentioned that the actor had been grappling with a serious illness for an extended period. They also conveyed that his charisma and adept acting on Brookside would be etched in the memories of millions of fans in the United Kingdom.

The family and the talent agency also conveyed their appreciation to Arrow Park Hospital for their unwavering support and compassion during this period of sorrow.

As per various accounts, the actor received a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2018. Since then, he has been advocating for men to stay vigilant regarding any changes in their bodies. In an interview with the Liverpool Echo in August, Sullivan openly discussed his battle with cancer for the first time with a media outlet. He recounted that on the day he received the prostate cancer diagnosis, he sensed that something was amiss as he made his way to a medical facility.

The renowned soap opera depicted the lives of residents in a compact Liverpool community. Alongside Sullivan, the show featured other British TV luminaries such as Sue Johnston, Ricky Tomlinson, Anna Friel, and Claire Sweeney.

Originally presented as a supporting character, Corkhill, portrayed by Sullivan, ultimately emerged as a key figure in Brookside. He played a crucial part in some of the show’s most memorable storylines, grappling with a difficult divorce and facing challenges related to drug dependency.




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