American Truckers are Now Marching Toward Washington

The Freedom Convoy protests, which began in Canada last month, are gathering traction in the United States. A caravan opposing coronavirus regulations began traveling from California to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

People came out to protest and restore America back to the good old days, according to Jeff Sbadberg, a truck driver from Texas who is part of the convoy. He was driving a truck with anti-Biden bumper stickers such as “Let’s Go, Brandon,” “We Will Not Comply,” and other phrases.

Similarly, the convoy’s spokesman, Brian Brase, predicted that as they travel closer to Washington, more truckers will join them. Before reaching its destination, the convoy will swell significantly.

The demonstrators’ most pressing demand is that the government quickly reverse the vaccine and mask mandates.

Protesters also want Congress to investigate the pandemic’s origins, which may be traced back to a Chinese facility in Wuhan.

When these kinds of protests began in Canada, officials in the United States became concerned about similar demonstrations in their own country.

As a result, law enforcement organizations warned demonstrators that any disruption of law and order will be met with harsh retaliation.

However, the protestors’ organizers have previously stated that the demonstrations will be peaceful, and that the convoy will not enter Washington.

Unlike Canadian truck drivers, American drivers are not required to have vaccinations.

The convoy’s spokeswoman, however, said that the protests are being held to show solidarity with healthcare professionals and other employees who are being forced to comply with vaccine laws.

The Conservative Political Action Committee has pledged its support for a march that will begin on March 6 in Ohio.

The organizers claimed to be nonpartisan individuals willing to defend freedom of choice; yet, the majority of organizations sponsoring these protests are conservative.

When Joe Biden asked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to clear the economic channel between America and Canada, the protests in Canada came to a stop. This prompted Canada’s liberal government to round up demonstrators in large numbers.




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