32 People Kidnapped by Armed Gunmen

In Nigeria, kidnapping is a significant issue. Organized gangs and terrorist organisations have carried out hundreds of abductions in years past. The most recent incident happened at a train station and involved scores of individuals.

A train station in the Igueben town in Edo state was assaulted on Saturday, January 7, by a gang of armed men. When kidnappers boarded the train and started firing into the air, passengers were waiting on board.

In a statement, police spokesperson Chidi Nwabuzor said that the incident left several passengers on the train with gunshot wounds.

32 were apparently taken under duress by the guys, who then escaped with them into a nearby woodland. Both passengers and employees were taken hostage by the hijackers. A mother with a baby was one among the victims who managed to flee the assailants.

She allegedly ran away into a nearby neighborhood, where the cops transported them to safety. Additionally, the kidnappers freed the two children they had stolen.

Two individuals who were reportedly engaged in the kidnapping have been detained by authorities. According to Chris Osa Nehikhare, a state spokesman, many people have begun utilizing the trains since the nearby roads have turned into a “no-go area” as a result of the rise in kidnappings.

Police, the military, hunters, members of the vigilante network, and hunters, according to Nehikhare, are looking for the remaining victims. Officials allegedly felt sure that they could soon locate the victims and bring them back.

Gunmen assaulted a train leaving from the capital of Nigeria in March 2022. The suspects closed in on the railway carriages and started shooting. During the assault, the terrorists killed seven persons and kidnapped an undetermined number.

The gangs who kidnap people frequently demand large ransom payments in exchange for their release. It’s unknown if the suspects in the most recent incident have made any demands for cash.




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