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Woman Charged with Murder of Own Child

A 16-month-old girl tragically died in her residence after being unsupervised while her mother was away on vacation. The mother, Kristel Candelario, who is 31 years old, left her daughter, Jailyn, alone at home while she went on a trip to Detroit and Puerto Rico. Upon her return on June 16th, after being away for 10 days, Candelario found Jailyn severely dehydrated and contacted the police. When officers from the Cleveland Police Department arrived, they discovered the toddler unconscious. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived and declared the child deceased.

Although no signs of physical harm were observed on the toddler, the state of the playpen area was extremely distressing. The playpen, where Jailyn had been confined for a period of 10 days, was discovered to be in an appalling condition. It contained numerous blankets that were soiled with urine and feces. In order to ascertain the precise cause of the child’s death, a comprehensive autopsy will be conducted by the Medical Examiner’s Office for Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Candelario confessed to investigators, with the help of an interpreter, that she had left Jailyn alone and unsupervised in the residence during her absence. As a result, she has been accused of committing murder in relation to her child’s tragic demise. Candelario is currently detained at the Cuyahoga County jail, with a bond set at $1 million. Her next court appearance is scheduled for June 28th.

The neighbors were deeply saddened and disturbed by Jailyn’s untimely passing and expressed their belief that this tragedy could have been avoided. Several individuals mentioned that they had previously offered to look after Jailyn for Candelario and regretted not being asked to do so on this particular occasion. The specific reasons behind Candelario’s failure to arrange care for Jailyn remain unknown. 

Local residents also revealed that Candelario had left Jailyn alone at home on multiple occasions, despite their pleas for her to seek assistance. Jailyn, known for her cheerful and inquisitive nature, will be dearly missed by the entire community who had the privilege of knowing her.

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