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US Captures Top Isis Official After Helicopter Raid In Syria

The US military executed a helicopter operation in eastern Syria, detaining a senior ISIS official involved in the planning of detention center attacks and the production of improvised explosive devices.

The raid was carried out in collaboration with the Syrian military, with no losses on either side.

The successful assault came after CENTCOM said that four American military members were injured during a separate raid that killed a key ISIS leader.

CENTCOM confirmed Hamza al-death Homsi’s during the helicopter raid and stated that all four American troops, as well as a working dog, were being treated for their injuries at a US medical facility in Iraq.

“Hamza al-Homsi oversaw the group’s deadly terrorist network in eastern Syria before he was killed in the raid,” CENTCOM spokesman Col. Joseph Buccino told Fox News Digital.

The Syrian Democratic Council’s representative in the US, Sinam Mohamad, told Fox News Digital that the US presence “in northeast Syria is still essential to end ISIS.”

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