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Transgender Volleyball Player Severely Injures Female High Schooler

A biological male opponent in high school volleyball in North Carolina recently struck a ball forcefully into the face of a female player, causing significant head and neck injuries.

A girls’ volleyball competition pitted Hiwassee Dam High School against Highlands High School. A Highlands player who wishes to remain anonymous spiked a ball during the game that struck a Hiwassee Dam player who wishes to remain anonymous square in the face.

It has become increasingly evident that permitting biological male transgender athletes to compete against biological female athletes can compromise the safety of girls’ sports.

The enormous biological disparities between biological men and women cause a variety of issues, such as issues with competitive fairness or, as in the case of a volleyball match in North Carolina, serious injuries.

An incident involving a transgender player that occurred in Cherokee County, North Carolina resulted in “severe injuries” to a little girl’s head and neck.

Video of the event, which is of poor quality, shows the female volleyball player being struck, collapsing, and then remaining down for a considerable amount of time.

The young woman is reportedly still dealing with long-term concussion effects, such as eye issues, and neither a doctor nor a neurologist have given her the all-clear to resume playing sports. The Cherokee County Board of Education voted 5-1 to cancel all future volleyball matches against Highlands High School due to the girl’s injuries, citing a safety concern.

It’s one thing for biologically male swimmers to dominate female swimmers. Another example is trans volleyball players who smear their female opponents’ faces. Before someone is killed in the name of inclusivity, put an end to the craziness.

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