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Texas National Guard Takes Matters Into Their Own Hands, Barricades Illegals From Entering

As the Biden administration grapples with the escalating border situation, the Texas National Guard has decided to take proactive measures. With the imminent expiration of Title 42 at midnight, they have taken action by deploying their personnel to Brownsville, Texas. In this highly frequented area for illegal crossings along the river, the National Guard members have installed razor wire as a preventive measure.

“Thanks to the Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety. They are the only officials in America holding the line against an onrush of illegal immigrants,” Texas governor Greg Abbott said in a tweet.

In recent days, Texas has adopted a more assertive approach by intercepting migrants at the river’s edge in Brownsville immediately after they unlawfully cross. This direct action has left the migrants bewildered, as they expected to be granted entry without encountering any opposition.

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