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NBA Legend Turns On Dems After Getting Assaulted In San Diego

Bill Walton, an NBA icon and prominent Democrat, has had enough of the crime and homelessness in his beloved San Diego. After being assaulted, Bill reached his breaking point and shouted out the Democratic leaders.

“You have failed, us and yourself, you’ve done, and continue to do, nothing. Once again, while peacefully riding my bike early this Sunday morning in Balboa Park, I was threatened, chased, and assaulted by the homeless population, in our park.

“Sadly, and with a broken heart, I can no longer say that my hometown of San Diego, is the greatest place in the world. I can no longer say that SD is a safe, healthy, clean, and beautiful place. 

“I can no longer urge my family, friends, tourists, and businesses to come to SD to live, work, and play.

“I can no longer say that our neighborhood for the last 43 years is still my dream. I am brokenhearted, Mayor@toddgloria —clean up our city, and let us reclaim our lives.”

“We must fix our homeless crisis. We need engagement, rehabilitation, and constant enforcement, and we need it now.

“You speak of the rights of the homeless, what about our rights, we follow the rules of a functioning society, why are others allowed to disregard those rules.

“Your lack of action is unacceptable, as is the conduct of the homeless population.”

“Bill’s frustration over our homelessness crisis is shared by people across our city, including the mayor himself, and in cities across the United States,” Todd Gloria’s communications director Rachel Laing made the statement.

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