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Navy Warship Can’t Be Deployed For Dumbest Reason Imaginable

According to reports, a US Navy destroyer is unable to deploy because it is controlled by an unvaccinated officer and lieutenant colonel who is unable to be fired.

Judge Steven D. Merryday issued an order last month prohibiting the Navy and Marine Corps from pursuing disciplinary action against an unidentified Navy warship commander and a Marine Corps lieutenant colonel for refusing the vaccine.

The military is fighting a legal struggle over whether or not it can force troops to acquire COVID-19 vaccines. According to recent federal court filings, the impasse is being referred to as a manifest national security threat.

In the United States, a lawsuit was brought. Late last year, the District Court for the Middle District of Florida filed a lawsuit contending that the COVID vaccine mandate violates servicemembers’ rights.

The policemen involved in the lawsuit claim that they are unable to take the vaccine because of their religious convictions.

The case has highlighted problems regarding the distinctions between military good order and discipline and servicemembers’ legal rights as American citizens.

According to a government filing on Feb. 28, Merryday’s injunction is an exceptional interference into the military’s inner workings and has effectively left the Navy without a warship.

According to the Feb. 28 complaint, the commander has already broken Navy regulations by exposing dozens of his crew to COVID-19 by refusing to test himself after feeling symptoms.

Brandon claimed in a declaration filed in early February that he visited the Navy commander aboard his ship in November and that the ship’s commander could barely communicate.

The Navy captain revealed to his superior that he had a sore throat after a briefing with dozens of men in close quarters on the ship.

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