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MSN Political Analyst Suggests Republicans “Hate Brown People”

In the third presidential debate hosted by the GOP on November 8th, a notable 60% of the participants hailed from non-white backgrounds. Although Vikram Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, and Tim Scott, all with diverse ethnic backgrounds, were part of the event, Cornell Belcher asserts that the Republican Party is deliberately concealing its alleged animosity towards people of color, particularly brown.

On November 9th, while speaking on MSNBC, the seasoned political analyst seemed to convey to Joy Reid that Republican politicians and aspiring candidates, who adopt strong stances on issues like war, illegal immigration, and rising nationwide crime rates, may be masking their underlying racial biases with convenient language. The pollster expressed the view that there exists a delicate distinction between conservative policies and racial animosity.

Belcher informed Reid that the discourse employed by candidates in the debate regarding terrorism and foreign military involvement wasn’t genuinely aimed at tackling the issue of international terrorism. According to the analyst, their policy proposals were, in fact, a collaborative effort to disguise their underlying animosity.

The liberal strategist conveyed to viewers that American history is replete with prejudice, portraying the nation as a historical arena for racially-driven animosity. Belcher asserted that due to hate’s capacity to galvanize voters, politicians consistently utilize it in their quest for higher office. He informed Reid that it formed the fundamental basis of former President Donald Trump’s presidency.

Despite his assertions regarding Republican racism, polling data revealed by the New York Times on November 5 indicates a significant exodus of black voters from President Biden’s support. Prior to publishing their findings, the outlet sought comments from Belcher.

He maintained that black voters were not inclined to support a conservative alternative to the Democratic head of state. Instead, Belcher suggested that they were likely to abstain from participating in the entire 2024 election. 

As per the polling data, around 22% of black voters have expressed their intention to vote for Donald Trump in 2024, a notable increase from the approximately 8% who did so in the 2020 presidential election.

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