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Migrant Influencer Taunts American Taxpayers in Shocking Videos

In recent years, Venezuela has seen a mass exodus of refugees, numbering in the millions. A report from Refugees International in 2021 highlighted Venezuela as the second-ranking country globally for displaced individuals. Among them, one individual managed to enter the US without proper authorization and gained fame as a TikTok influencer. His content has provoked anger among Americans.

Leonel Moreno had amassed over 500,000 followers on TikTok before the platform removed his account. He sparked controversy by posting videos where he boasted about deceiving American taxpayers. In one such video, he proudly declared his aversion to work and shared tips with his audience on how to manipulate the system to acquire funds in the US.

Moreno asserted that he earned $1,000 daily through begging. In a particular video, he was seen holding a baby while soliciting money. The infant had a sign around its neck, requesting hugs from passersby as it was its birthday celebration.

Additionally, the migrant provided guidance on utilizing squatters’ rights to seize unoccupied properties. He stated that his acquaintances had successfully claimed multiple properties using this method.

Moreno derided both Americans and fellow migrants, taunting them for their frustration with his higher earnings compared to their toil. He likened their labor to slavery, asserting that he would continue to receive money while they were exploited.

Having entered the US unlawfully in 2022, the migrant influencer received parole under a refugee assistance program and was assigned a court date. Miami served as his immigration point of contact, yet he failed to attend several appointments and a hearing. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is presently endeavoring to locate him.

Following the removal of his TikTok account, he created a new one and uploaded a video in which he appeared tearful, claiming mistreatment. Both Americans and fellow immigrants have criticized him for his objectionable videos. Some migrants have accused him of perpetuating stereotypes to provoke outrage and garner more views on his social media platforms.

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